Hibabox Lite for Smaller Mosques

A clever contactless device for charities that fits every budget. Increase your collections further with Gift Aid feature. Suitable for all charities and mosques.

Hibabox Lite

If you are looking for an effective payment solution that is not only cheap to run but also provides a high quality low cost contactless payment solution then look no further.

This versatile lighter version is suitable for all charities and Mosques looking for a quick fundraising turnaround solution without the fuss. With speedy onboarding and Hibabox user friendly interface, charities are able to start their fundraising mission in minutes.

Maximise collections with multiple


Showcase all donation and fundraising campaigns in a beautiful user-friendly view.It’s a small feature that gives a maximum positive impact especially if you are running multiple fundraising causes.See an increase in your donation collections

  • Create unlimited branded Campaign
  • Easy to select campaign menu
  • Easily Customisable from user dashboard
Fully Customisable


Hibabox donation interface is designed using large icons and font’s size that is visible from distance and allow users to easily read and choose a donation amount.You can also:

Create personalised header message Display brand logo

Choose upto 6 custom amounts to display Quick checkout function(for peak times) Allow custom amount

  • Create personalised header message
  • Display brand logo
  • Choose upto 6 custom amounts
  • Quick checkout function(for peak times)
  • Allow custom amount
Value added

Premium Features

  • Gift Aid Option
  • Donor pay transaction fee option
  • Personalise Thankyou message
  • All the above features can be updated easily from your user account
  • Purchase Hibabox Lite hardware unit and create Hibabox account and login

  • Connect your Sumup account with Hibabox when prompted

  • Once device is received and connected with WIFI, open Hibabox app from the device, login in with your credentials,and you are ready to accept donations

* You will be required to submit KYC documentation for proof of your charity to Sumup to lift collection limit

Simple hardware and platform pricing to suit every charity.

  • One time purchase cost of Hibabox Mini contactless donation device

  • First £1100 is free then £13 permonth*

  • Low merchant transaction fee from 1.69%

  • No monthly contract(cancelanytime)

* see pricing for full list of features


Your Contactless donation device without a catch

  1. Simple and transparent pricing
  2. No montly contract cancel any time
  3. Start with basic package for free and upgrade to premium to access additional features
Collection Made Monthly Fee
Starter Free Upto £1,100 raised
Premium Upto £ 7,000 £ 13
£ 7,000 to £ 14,000 £ 15
£ 14,000 to £ 24,000 £ 25
Above £ 24,000 £ 45

* Subscription fee excludes SumUp processing fee i.e 1.69%. Visit SumUp fee page for details.

* Hibabox Lite trails charity total collection over 12month’s period,means that you will always payless.So in the event that your total donation decline over 12months, your subscription fee will also go down and viceversa!


Hibabox Lite

£ 200.00

  • 6.1” High resolution Screen.
  • Reliable & Secure.
  • Manage multiple pledges / campaigns.
  • Accept contactless payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Payouts to your bank account in 2-3 days.
  • All major Cards Accepted.

* Subscription is required


Starter Premium
Online campaigns
3G Android device connectivity
GDPR compliant
Accept upto £45 contactless
Customisable button amounts
Chip and Pin (For over £45 payments)
Customisable donation settings
Customise Check out message
Multiple Campaigns
Donor pays processing fee option
Gift Aid
Customise Check out message
QR codes to collect remotely (Coming Soon)
Send payment links by SMS or email (Coming Soon)
Frequently asked

Questions ?

Hibabox Lite is an Android based App that works with most 5.1 or later android devices. First you will need to pair the device with Sumup Card reader via Bluetooth connectivity and connect to WiFi or 3G network. Then create your campaign from your user account, simply open the App from the device and start your donation collections.

Hibabox Lite is one of the cheapest donation product in the market and is better than many other big name charity platforms, who not only have boring expensive devices to offer, but also charge their customer hefty transaction and platform fee and tie them with lengthy term contracts.

Hibabox user friendly interface and eye catching design stands out in the crowd and attracts more donors and often larger payments. It has many useful features such as customisable page settings, multiple campaigns, logo input and personalised messages and many more.

With donor to cover “processing fee” and adding “Gift Aid”, not only your charity will reduces its transaction fee significantly but also boost donation collection by an extra 25%.

On average 70% of the donors choose to add processing fee with their donations. Hibabox Lite is built to pay for itself

There is no minimum term contract. Cancel anytime

Hibabox Lite comes with a straight forward pricing

  1. Upfront one time purchase of hardware and casing
  2. First £1,100 is Free
  3. Then £13* per month and enjoy all premium features.
  4. Then £13* per month and enjoy all premium features

  • Width 193mm
  • Height 172mm
  • Depth 27mm

Gift Aid increases the value of a donation by an extra 25%. It allows UK taxpayers to reclaim basic rate tax on their gift. Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 that a donor gives. It will not cost charity any extra. Charities can claim Gift Aid on most donations, however, some payments do not qualify.

Charity can view Give Aid summary from their user dashboard. Summary report can then be exported in a spread sheet format for any given period which is customised to HMRC format for submission purpose.

Hibabox identify a returning Gift Aid donor from their tokenised card information held on the network, so each time a donor donates and use the same card, Hibabox identifies and mark the transaction as Gift Aid eligible without the need donor providing his info again

Yes you can add a second device to your account for an extra £7 for each device. Your all additional devices will enjoy the same premium features as your first subscription. You can either purchase additional device from our shop section in your user account or contact support@hibabox.com to discuss your requirement.

No, Hibabox Kiosk and Lite are two different products. You will need a separate subscription for each product

Yes you can accept larger payments when subscribed to premium package. Basic package only allow a user to create up to 4 pre-set amounts which a donor can pay contactless. Only amount below £45 will be collected as contactless.

Please visit Sumup website and read their payment guidelines before starting to accept payments.

Yes, we are working on this feature and will be added very soon. You will also be able to collect donation via QR code

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