Best Charities to donate to for Business Donations

Published 01-Feb-2023

Charities to Donate to for Business Donations

Businesses that partner with charities don’t only gain goodwill and donations but also strengthen their brand identity and public image. Choosing the right charity is important for the business and the patrons, as it ensures the partnership is meaningful and the donations will make a genuine impact. This article will help you understand what to look for and avoid when choosing a UK charity to support.

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Finding Relevant Charities

Linking your business and charity activities is crucial to ensure long-term success. If your business and charity share similar audiences, then you can leverage this relationship to increase patronage. Also, if your business benefits from a particular resource or community, partnering with a relevant charity shows your commitment to giving back. For example, a seaside hotel could consider supporting organisations like the Royal National Lifeboat Institution or the Ocean Conservation Trust.

A great example of a successful partnership is McCain’s collaboration with Family Fund. McCain is well-known for providing food for the whole family, and their support helps Family Fund provide kitchen appliances for families of disabled and seriously ill children. If your business also focuses on families, there are many family-oriented charities you could donate to, such as Action for Children.

Other Ways to Support Charities

Charitable giving doesn’t have to be limited to monetary donations. There are many ways the hospitality industry can support charities without cash. For example, one would be to reduce food waste by donating surplus food to food banks, offering conference rooms for charitable events. Some of the other popular Charities for Business Donations could be like Oxfam, the Red Cross, or the RSPCA.

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Choosing the Best Charities

Choosing the right and deserving charities to donate to requires research and finding a cause that resonates with staff and patrons. You can look at organisations like the Charity Aid Foundation for guidance or find charities that align with your business activities. For example, The Arts Council of England is a good fit for art exhibitions, Save the Children for child-themed events, and the National Trust for businesses in areas known for their historic buildings.

Top CSR Partnerships in the UK

For inspiration, let’s look at some of the top CSR partnerships in the UK. Insurance United supports the Alzheimer’s Society, while The Phoenix Group contributes to The Samaritans on World Mental Health Day. Groovy Gecko and YouTube Music support War Child UK through virtual concerts, while Morgan Stanley has chosen The Felix Project and Cain International raises funds for XLP. Tilney Smith and Williamson support Impetus, offering staff opportunities for volunteer work.

Evaluating Charity Partnerships

Evaluating potential charity partnerships is important to ensure your business is supporting a recognised and credible cause. You can start by checking the Charity Commission’s register of charities and ensuring the bulk of funding goes towards charitable works. Consider smaller initiatives for a more personal feel and to stand out from other donations. Make sure to choose a charity that aligns with your business values and goals, and supports a cause that resonates with both staff and patrons.

Commitment to Charity

If you have a commitment to donate some of your profits to a charity, or help Charities for Business Donations then consider involving your patrons. There are several methods to do this, from events linked to product sales to charity collection boxes.

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Popularity in the Charity Sector

Since its humble beginnings with a vision to bring innovation and to help few local charities in increasing their donation collections, Hibabox gained popularity and word of praise in the charity sector very quickly. Today, many reputable charity organisations across the UK use Hibabox and trust the technology.

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